Michael Strahan is Seeking Custody of Daughters After Accusing Ex of Child Abuse

According to TMZ, Michael Strahan has accused his ex-wife Jean Muggli of physically and emotionally abusing their twin teenage daughters, Sophia and Isabella. Now, he’s seeking full custody.

The former NFL star and Jean divorced in 2006, which ended with him owing her $15.3 million.

According to legal documents, he is now alleging that Jean has a “pattern of abusive conduct” toward the girls — and he allegedly has proof.

Furthermore, Michael claims Jean has not been taking their girls to court-ordered therapy sessions and that she’s the reason why they’ve been missing volleyball games and horseback riding events.

Michael wants Sophia and Isabella to move in with him in New York. He also wants Jean to be held in criminal and civil contempt. Currently, Jean, Sophia, and Isabella live in North Carolina.

What a sad situation. We hope things get resolved appropriately!