Joe Giudice is Pissed About Empty Streets in Italy Because of ‘Stupid’ Coronavirus

They may have semi-closed the Italian border over coronavirus, but thankfully Joe Giudice is from Jersey.

Joe seems to think people are making a bigger deal out of Italy’s coronavirus outbreak than they should.

“I can’t believe that there’s literally nobody out in these streets. Look at this: ghost town,” he said in a new Instagram video, which shows how empty the streets in Italy are. “Literally, nobody out because of this stupid coronavirus. It’s, like, ridiculous. People are so scared. Unbelievable. Grow a set of cojones. Jesus. Ridiculous. Alright, I guess I’m gonna be the only one walking around working today.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star also added that “more people die from Viagra (heart attacks and drug overdose) everyday” compared to Corona.

Strong words! But shouldn’t people be better safe than sorry? That’s our motto.