Passengers Removed from United Flight After Freaking Out About a Coughing Flyer

Over the weekend, United Airlines removed some passengers after they freaked out over a coughing and sneezing fellow flyer, according to People magazine.

According to United Airlines officials, the passengers became disruptive on a flight from Colorado to New Jersey, over their concerns about the coronavirus.

“United Flight 1562 from Eagle, Colorado, to Newark, New Jersey, diverted to Denver due to a small group of disruptive passengers on board who failed to follow crew member instructions,” a flight rep tells People of the flight. “After landing safely, the aircraft was met by law enforcement. The passengers were removed, and the flight re-departed for Newark.”

As reported by KCNC-TV the coughing passenger was allowed to stay on board when it was confirmed they didn’t have a fever or other serious concerns. The flight departed after being delayed in Denver for half an hour.

Geez. All this talk of coronavirus, a person can’t even cough anymore?!