Florida Couple Sues Princess Cruises For $1 Million Over Coronavirus

Princess Cruise, docked in Oakland

A Florida couple is suing the Grand Princess cruise ship, which is currently docked in Oakland, Calif., claiming the company is responsible for exposing them to the coronavirus.

According to CNN, Ronald and Eva Weissberger filed a lawsuit on Monday seeking $1 million in damages.

The couple alleges the company exhibited gross negligence by failing to have proper screening protocols in place that minimized the risk of passengers’ exposure, Reuters also reported.

In their complaint, they say the company “chose to place profits over the safety of its passengers, crew and general public in continuing to operate business as usual, despite their knowledge of the actual risk of injury to plaintiffs, who are elderly with underlying medical conditions.”

A spokesperson for the Princess Cruise gave a statement to People magazine.

“Princess has been sensitive to the difficulties the COVID-19 outbreak has caused to our guests and crew,” the statement read. “Our response throughout this process has focused on well-being our guests and crew within the parameters mandated on us by the government agencies involved and the evolving medical understanding of this new illness. We [have] not been served with any lawsuit relating to this matter, and we will not comment on any pending litigation.”

Reportedly, a total of 21 people aboard that ship have since tested positive for Coronavirus.

We’ll see if the law bends in their favor.