Publishing Staff Organize a Walk Out to Protest Woody Allen’s Book

As we previously reported, Woody Allen’s memoir is being published by Ronan Farrow’s publisher, Little Brown and Company.

As it turns out, Ronan didn’t know that they were publishing his estranged father’s book and blasted the company for releasing it.

Apparently, as Page Six reports, employees marched to the Human Resources offices to complain. That’s when CEO Michael Pietsch attempted to hold a town hall, but was quickly rebuffed.

“None of the senior leadership would stand with him and the staff walked out of the offices,” a source told Page Six. “The staff felt so strongly about this and wanted to do this for Ronan, [his sister] Dylan and all survivors of sexual assault.”

Ronan had claimed the company went behind his back to strike a deal with Woody, who he and other members of his family accuse of sexually abusing his sister.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist retweeted comments from workers and fellow authors in support of his complaints. As it turns out, those number of complaints grew to the protest that happened yesterday.

We’ll absolutely be following this story. The power of the pen is real, y’all!