Jack Black Was Called an ‘Absolute D—’ by British TV Host

Some actors are just difficult, but according to British television host, Vernon Kay, Jack Black was a total “d**k.”

While speaking to The Sun, Vernon had some harsh words about the Jumanji: The Next Level star.

“I don’t know whether he’d had a hangover or whether it was because I was either the first or last interview of the day but he was horrible,” he said. “He was an absolute d—, an a—hole.”

He added, “When you’re so rude, arrogant and pig-faced to a young TV presenter, who’s so nervous and trying to hone his skills, and you’re so arrogant to dismiss that, it’s just not on.”

“I interviewed him for Gulliver’s Travels, for School of Rock, for Shallow Hal, and a couple of others and he was just the same every time,” he went on to share, adding that he hopes it will “serve as a lesson” for the star.

WHAT! Well, not gonna lie… it doesn’t really make us love Jack less. What about you?