Tori Spelling Reveals Bullying Her Kids Experienced in Emotional Instagram Post

In an emotional Instagram post, Tori Spelling opened up about her children and their struggle with bullying.

The actress shared an old picture of her first two children, 12-year-old Liam and 11-year-old Stella, writing that they have been bullied at school and that she “can no longer not share” their stories.

Tori added that Stella has “endured enough bullying for a lifetime” explaining that it all began the year she left elementary school.

“Her old school in Encino, we were told she is acting like ‘Patient zero’ and ‘she’s playing the victim’ & ‘we are talking to the parents of that said bully’ and ‘he is trying to change.’ He never did!” she wrote. “Never any consequences for his actions towards my daughter and other kids. This child’s parents are on the board of the school. They give a lot of money to this school. Financially, we aren’t able to. So, they won.”

Tori added that she and her husband, Dean McDermott, finally moved them to another school. But it didn’t stop.

“This time, my daughter was bullied so bad (including comments about her weight and sexual things he said that my daughter didn’t even know about),” she said. “This school did the right thing and expelled the boy but the damage had been done… She now associates her education with boys that have been so horrific to her.”

Wow… this is such a universal story. Thank you for sharing this, Tori. Hopefully this will raise awareness about bullying.