RuPaul is Teaching a MasterClass Course on Self-Expression and Authenticity

RuPaul is about to sashay into class, hunty!

MasterClass announced this morning that RuPaul is kicking off a new self-expression and personal authenticity class via the digital education company’s web service.

The star will partner with his longtime costume collaborator Zaldy and Drag Race season 2 runner-up Raven to teach their online students how to identify their personal strengths, cultivate a tribe, and tap into their inner frequencies to live their best lives, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

“For years I’ve said, ‘You’re born naked, and the rest is drag,’ meaning, everything you put on is in essence something that was built, and once you’re able to see yourself from outside of yourself, that’s when the party begins,” he said in the course’s trailer.

Ru promises that in the course he will teach “self-love, confidence, joy, lips, foundation, wigs, chiffon,” and “everything it takes to unleash the magic that makes you, you.”