Drew Barrymore Speaks About Loving Her Post-Kids Body

God, we love Drew Barrymore!

The actress recently revealed that it took many years for her to feel comfortable with her physical fluctuations following the birth of her two children.

“I go up and I go down,” the star wrote on Instagram. “The rollercoaster of my body is a challenging, but beautiful ride.”

The mother of two shares daughters Olive, 7, and Frankie, 5, with ex-husband Will Kopelman.

“I made two kids. The single most important purpose for me being on this planet is for them! It is a true miracle I was able to have these two girls,” she explained. “So whatever the aftermath on my body, well bring it on!”

Drew also revealed that her physical appearance over the years caused her pain emotionally.

“That said, there have been times i have stood in my closet and just cried. Hated getting dressed. Didn’t feel good! It takes so much for me to look decent,” she wrote. “I have to eat just right and Work my ass off! I cannot fight the fact that I have the propensity to be the Pillsbury dough boy! (Now all I can think about is crescent rolls) So DON’T Be fooled by what you see when people are thin right after baby.”

Thank you so much for this, Drew! We love you (and your body) so much.