Denise Richards Denies Having an Open Relationship With Aaron Phypers

Denise Richards is admitting that she’s a woman of monogamy!

This week, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star had to clarify the status of her and Aaron Phypers’s relationship when an Instagram follower said that the couple had “an open marriage.”

One of Denise’s followers wrote on a photo she posted about Aaron, “Does he have a brother?,” to which another follower replied, “They have an open marriage so maybe you could swing by the clinic sometime.”

That’s when she responded: “We actually don’t have an open marriage.”

“My bad, I read somewhere that you did…that’s great to hear,” the commenter responded back, to which she said, “Absolutely not. [100 percent] monogamous to my husband.”

Oh damn! Well, that solves that… right? Thank God for Instagram. How else will we be able to clarify such important facts?!