A Woman Literally Brought a Miniature Horse on a Plane as Her Service Animal

Don’t ya love flying…?

Well, a miniature horse named Freckle Butt Fred is breaking the Internet after enjoying a ride in first class for the first time — thanks to his human companion, Ronica Froese.

As People reports, the 115-pound equine had his inaugural plane ride across the United States earlier this month —  from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Ontario, California.

As a specially trained service animal, the animal is technically allowed to accompany Froese — who owns Little Horses Big Smiles, a company that specializes in equine assisted therapy, People notes.

“Fred was the definition of a perfect service animal in flight,” she told People. “He is so bonded with me, he is willing to do anything I ask of him.”

To accommodate other passengers, Fred wore a teal hood so that anyone who’s allergic would be OK.

“He has rode probably 10,000 miles in my truck so flying was a breeze,” she added. “I have trained him to lay down on command and sit it my lap like a dog in the event the plane crashed so we could evacuate down the slide. Luckily, we didn’t have to see if that training was a success.”

Credit: Ronica Froese

H/T: People magazine