Melissa McCarthy Was Once Mistaken for Amy Schumer

Melissa McCarthy is recalling a funny moment when she was mistaken for comedian Amy Schumer.

On Monday, the Oscar-nominated actress visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show and discussed a previous prank she participated in for the talk show.

In the hidden-camera stunt, Melissa pretended to faint at a local dry cleaner and one passerby who called for help mistook her for Amy.

“What I heard right before [they called] 911 was: ‘Amy Schumer’s gone down! Amy Schumer’s on the ground!’” Melissa recalled. “And I was like, ‘Hey!’”

She added: “She called me Amy Schumer — which to me was my favorite part, what a compliment — but she called me Amy Schumer four or five times.”

LOL! We’d like to be mistaken for Amy Schumer any day. Just to remind you of that epic prank, watch the video below: