Jameela Jamil Confirms She Does NOT Have Munchausen Syndrome

Jameela Jamil is clearing the air!

The actress is biting back at critics who have accused her of making up some of her health problems. Trolls have gone so far as to say she has Munchausen syndrome, a mental illness that causes people to fake health scares for attention.

The criticism cites what some believed to be discrepancies in Jameela’s past interviews about suffering injuries in car accidents.

The uproar is on the heels of another storm of criticism she faced after coming out as queer following the announcement that she was cast in a show about the ballroom scene.


In another tweet, Jameela said she suffers from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, which affects the connective tissues, mainly skin, joints and blood vessels.

The condition is mostly hidden, which is frustrating, she wrote, because people “doubt your illness and injuries because you look okay.”

Can’t people just let things go? We feel you, Jameela. Just keep on keeping on!