2,000 People Stranded on a U.S. Cruise Over Coronavirus Fears

Can you imagine??

Nearly 2,000 passengers and crew aboard the Holland America Line Westerdam are stranded on the open seas, according to People magazine.

The reason is four different ports refused to let them out over fears of the coronavirus (now officially known as COVID-19) despite the fact that no one on board being diagnosed with the illness.

The Westerdam is the latest cruise to be caught in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak. Another ship has been under quarantine at the Yokohama Bay in Japan since Feb. 5. 

People reports, “at least 174 people on board the Diamond Princess have tested positive for the coronavirus as of Wednesday.”

Last week, passengers on a World Dream cruise in Hong Kong were held for four days after the company learned that three passengers who had sailed on the vessel earlier were confirmed to have the virus. All passengers were finally allowed to disembark on Monday after all crew tested negative for the virus.

Lord! The coronavirus is not messing around. Perhaps it’s best to skip out on that cruise you’ve been waiting for — maybe wait until next year.