Lori Loughlin’s Daughter’s Alleged Fake Resume Sent to Colleges Released

According to People, a falsified resume appearing to lie about the athletic achievements of Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli has been released by the feds.

The redacted document doesn’t specify which daughter it refers to — but the high school graduation date is 2018, which is consistent with Olivia Jade’s, the outlet reports.

The resume claims that Olivia was an accomplished crew athlete, even though prosecutors say she never participated in a crew program. It also lists several awards that she allegedly won.

Furthermore, her skillset includes, “awareness, organization, direction and steering,” People states.

Of course, Lori Loughlin and husband Mossimo Giannulli are awaiting trial for their role in a shocking nationwide college admissions scam, which became known as Operation Varsity Blues.

The couple allegedly paid $500,000 to admissions consultant William “Rick” Singer to falsely designate daughters Olivia and older sister Isabella Rose Giannulli as recruits to the USC crew team, though neither actually participated in the sport.

Oh Lord! Well this is certainly going to look bad at trial. We’ll see what happens.