Justin Bieber’s Mustache Is Staying… For Now

Justin Bieber has a new mustache, and folks are indecisive about it. Still, he can’t be bothered!

According to Page Six, insiders say that his wife Hailey Baldwin hates the mustache — but as long as the world continues to criticize it, he’s not going to shave it.

“He feels that for years he’s been the pretty boy and loves how much everyone hates it and thinks it’s hilarious,” one insider shared to the outlet. “He doesn’t even like it himself, but the more people hate it the longer he wants to keep it.”

“The more his wife dislikes it and the more the world dislikes it, the funnier he thinks it is,” the insider added.

Wow… so it’s like that now, Justin? It’s like that now?

LOL You gotta admit. It is a little funny.