Kirk Douglas Once Saved Jamie Lee Curtis’s Life

Hollywood stars are continuing to mourn the loss of legendary actor Kirk Douglas, including actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis.

The actress remembered the late actor, who died Wednesday at the age of 103, by recalling a moment during her childhood when he literally saved her from drowning!

“I just remembered this morning that Kirk saved my life when I rode my tricycle into the pool at a party and he dove in and brought me up from the bottom, still peddling,” Jamie, who’s parents were actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, wrote.

“Families tied together in life and success and loss and struggle, past and present. Kirk is an example for us ALL. COURAGE. INTEGRITY. GENEROSITY. Their foundation link is in my website [CLICK HERE]. See the work that they did for others. The playgrounds they built. Join them and me and honoring his legacy.”

Wow. What a tremendous memory to share with us, Jamie. Rest in peace, Kirk!