WATCH: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Eulogy At Father’s Funeral

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson eulogized his father, the late Rocky Johnson, this weekend at the funeral.

In an emotional clip, Dwayne remembered his dad who died from a heart attack last month at the age of 75.

“Man, I wish I had … I wish I had one more shot,” he began. “I wish I had one more shot to say goodbye … to say I love you, to say thank you, but I have a feeling he’s watching. He’s listening.”

The actor also shared how he learned of his dad’s passing, which was just when he was pulling into work.

“I’m literally just pulling in and I’m looking at the whole crew, hundreds of guys and women milling around, carrying equipment and waving at me in the truck, and I’m waving back and it all got really foggy and it seemed like it was a big dream,” he shared. “You know how you have those moments where you try and shake yourself out of it, and you’re like ‘No, it’s not a dream. … My dad’s gone.’

“In that moment, I just thought, ‘Well, what do I need to do? What’s the next thing that I need to do?’ And I heard a voice say, ‘Well, hey, the show must go on,’ and that was my dad. That was my old man who told me that.”

Watch the rest below. We love you, Dwayne. Our hearts go out to you and your family.