Apparently, Kate Gosselin Has No Contact With Her and Jon’s 15-Year-Old Son Collin

In an interview with the podcast First Class Fatherhood, Jon Gosselin claims that his son Collin, 15, has “no contact” with Kate and his siblings that live with her.

Collin and Hannah, two of Jon and Kate’s sextuplets, are living with Jon while the other four — Alexis, Leah, Joel and Aaden — live with Kate. 

Meanwhile, Jon and Kate’s 19-year-old twins, Cara and Madelyn, are in college.

“Kate has no contact with him, so there was a whole bunch of stuff that happened with him,” Jon said on the podcast, adding that the family dynamic between all 10 is “very tumultuous.”

“There’s no contact between Collin and his other siblings,” he added. “There’s contact between Hannah and the other siblings. So the problem right now is we have parent alienation and sibling alienation.”

What an awful situation here. Check out the rest of the interview below: