LOL! Sunny Hostin Said She’s OK With Gossip Outlets Reporting on ‘The View’ Drama

Leave it to Page Six to be totally on top of the drama at The View. 

Last week, the outlet published a story describing how producers at the show banned its hosts from holding a meeting — that information was eventually leaked to Page Six. But apparently, cohost Sunny Hostin doesn’t seem to be bothered. 

“I am over all the silly rumors about the drama,” she told the outlet at the Writers Guild Awards when they asked if producers were trying to sniff out the leaker. “We are not even talking about who is talking to Page Six because The View has been on for over 20 years and that has been happening for over 20 years.” 

In fact, she added that the gossip’s good for business. 

“I think people are just fascinated by us and I think, frankly, it is good for the show because we are still around,” she said. “I guess sometimes I feel like, ‘OK, keep on talking about us because we are the most important political show in the country.” 

Not gonna lie… we do love to hear about the drama, but at the same time we’re also in reverence of these powerhouse women. We love you, Sunny!