LOL! Prince William Gave Joaquin Phoenix a Hilarious Review of ‘The Joker’

Prince William is not about to ruin his beauty sleep watching The Joker.

After taking their front row seats for the BAFTA awards, William and his wife Kate Middleton started mingling with some A-listers — among them was Joaquin Phoenix, who’d just won best actor for The Joker.

William was caught on camera admitting that he “put off” seeing the film after getting some warnings.

“Lovely to meet you,” he told the actor, according to People. “I absolutely loved The Joker. It was brilliant. I put it off and put it off before watching it, as people kept telling me ‘be careful when you choose to watch it.’ I’m glad I didn’t watch it before bed, but huge congratulations on an amazing performance.”

Joaquin returned the compliments by praising William for addressing the lack of diversity in the awards nominations during his speech.

“Thank you for your speech,” the actor told him plainly.

Love all around! Glad to see William in a brighter mood than we’ve seen him in the last few weeks.