Pornhub Gives Kumail Nanjiani 10-year Subscription Because of His Sexy Photo, LOL!

Kumail Nanjiani broke the Internet a few months ago when he posted a shirtless photo showing off his new jacked body for Marvel’s The Eternals.

Well, apparently it was a good investment. A really good investment.

The actor stopped by to chat with Conan O’Brien and revealed that after Pornhub used his shirtless photo for its “Muscular Men” category of porn videos, they ended up compensating him.

“They gave me a 10-year free subscription to Pornhub Premium,” he said. “I will say, because people are like, ‘Why do you need to pay for porn?’ — and I don’t, I do not work for Pornhub, they have not paid me to say this — you have access to a whole new world. Free porn is good but when you go to Premium… I could develop fetishes, crazy ones over the next 10 years and I know I’ll be taken care of.”

As for his new body that took a year to transform, he joked that he doesn’t actually feel any stronger. LOL! 

“These muscles are decorative,” he said. “They don’t really do anything. [My wife] Emily [Gordon] will be like, ‘Can you open this jar for me?’ And I’m like, ‘Probably not!’”

Ha! Well… we like the decor!