Claire Danes Almost Played Kate Winslet’s Role in ‘Titanic’

We’re freaking out!

Claire Danes said she was offered the role of Rose, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack, in Titanic. But she turned it down.

“I think I did [get offered the role]. I’m not entirely clear on that. There was strong interest,” she said on Dax Shepard’s podcast.

At the time, she had already starred as Juliet in Baz Luhrmann’s 1996 film Romeo + Juliet — also with Leo.

“I had just made this romantic epic with Leo in Mexico City, which is where they were going to shoot Titanic,” she said. “And I just didn’t have it in me.”

She added that Leo was also “wrestling with the decision whether to do it or not.” That is, until she saw him circling outside his manager’s office in a red convertible when he pulled up to her and screamed: “I’m doing it! I’m doing it!”

“And I could see he wasn’t sure,” she recalled. “But he was like, ‘F— it, I gotta do this.’ And I looked down at him going like, ‘I totally understand why you’re doing that. And I’m not ready for that.’ And I think I really wasn’t ready for it.”

She continued, “I remember after that movie came out and he just went into another stratosphere.”

Wow! Can you imagine Claire as Rose?