Tamera Mowry Breaks Down Remembering Kobe Bryant’s Cameo on ‘Sister, Sister’

Kobe Bryant’s death has echoed across the country, and it’s making several stars nostalgic about when they worked with the NBA legend.

Sister, Sister actress Tamera Mowry recently broke down in tears on The Real while remembering the kindness Kobe showed her when they worked on her famous 1990s show.

“I met Kobe when we were both the same age, 19,” she said. “I remember looking at him. He was so tall. He just started playing for the Lakers and I didn’t know what to expect because you think, ‘This athlete, he came out of high school and now he’s this big shot.’ But, I’ll never forget his humility. I’ll never forget his kindness.”

She added, “He was so nervous and he had like one or two lines, but I remember, I was like, ‘Dang, he’s so focused.’ And my heart just goes out to all the families who have lost their loved ones.”

“This is all we got. This moment right here,” the actress said through tears, “Tell your loves ones that you love them.”

We love you, Tamera. Thanks for sharing your story.