New Biography Reveals Princess Diana Was Under Scrutiny For Both Her Births

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s first child is due any minute, and while they’re getting scrutiny for choosing not to have a public royal birth, we can’t help but wonder how his mom Princess Diana must have felt.

In Andrew Morton’s new book, Diana: Her True Story, the royal biographer revealed that she was under the same media pressure as her son during the birth of Prince William.

Apparently, they had to pick a day to give birth that didn’t interfere with Prince Charles’s polo schedule. Excuse us?!

“When we had William, we had to find a date in the diary that suited Charles and his polo,” Diana told Andrew. “William had to be induced because I couldn’t handle the press pressure any longer, it was becoming unbearable. It was as if everyone was monitoring every day for me.”

She added, “Anyway, the boy arrived, great excitement. Thrilled, everyone absolutely high as a kite – we had found a date where Charles could get off his polo pony for me to give birth. That was very nice, felt grateful about that!”

But when Harry was born, Charles and Diana’s marriage took a drastic turn, given that Charles’s affair with Camilla was in full swing.

In recounting Harry’s birth, Diana said of Charles: “First comment was: ‘Oh God, it’s a boy,’ second comment: ‘And he’s even got red hair,'” to which Diana replied: “Mummy snapped his head off, saying: ‘You should realized how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.’ Every since that day the shutters have come down, and that’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him.'”