Dina Lohan Is Back Together With Her Online Boyfriend Jesse Nadler

Dina Lohan and Jesse Nadler broke the Internet this week when they broke up, but now — 24 hours later — they changed their minds.

“Me and Dina got back together,” Jesse told Page Six, adding: “Intense love sometimes gets intense.” Dina later chimed in: “We’re great. We found love.”

The two made headlines when Dina was on Celebrity Big Brother due to the fact that while they’ve been together for almost five years, they’ve never officially met.

“She’s in my blood, and is my heart,” explained Jesse. “Even when I was mad at her all weekend. I had this equal feeling at the same time … I just can’t stay mad at her. I never loved anyone ’til I found Dina.”

The couple apparently split after Dina became upset that he was talking to the media about their relationship. A source close to her told Page Six that their relationship is anything but ordinary.

“They have been Facebook friends for 5 years, she enjoys the companionship, they have never met,” the source said. “Time will show what becomes real.”