Gayle King Defends Meghan Markle’s Choice To Keep Royal Birth Private

While some folks in the kingdom are up in arms that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are breaking tradition and choosing to not appear with their newborn baby for photos immediately after its birth, Gayle King is in full support.

Oprah recently made comments that Meghan was being treated unfairly, and now her best friend Gayle is chiming in.

“I don’t think she’s being treated fairly, I don’t. I think she is sweet, she is loving, she is kind. She’s extremely generous with her time and her spirit, and I wish we heard more about that,” Gayletold ET.

Gayle also confirmed that Meghan is “doing okay. She’s doing alright. We don’t have to worry about Meghan Markle and Harry. They’re really going to be just fine.”

Well that’s good to know!