Would You Buy An $18M Andy Warhol Portrait Of Farrah Fawcett?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The photo above is not the Andy Warhol painting mentioned.

Ryan O’Neal is reportedly shopping a famous portrait by Andy Warhol of the late-great Farrah Fawcett. And he’s asking for as much as $18 million, according to Page Six.

For those who don’t know, Ryan and Farrah were together from 1979 to 1997, though they were never married. They got together yet again from 2001 until she died in 2009.

A source at Page Six said that Ryan wants the portrait to “be in the hands of an art collector, and doesn’t want to leave the work to his grown kids.” Ouch.

Ryan and Farrah had a son, Redmond, who’s currently in jail for allegedly committing a string of violent crimes, and for heroin and meth possession.

The portrait itself has an interesting custodial history. Ryan fought the University of Texas, who claimed that Farrah left it to them in her will. But a jury ruled in Ryan’s favor in 2013, and ultimately gave it to him. In court, the painting was valued to be worth at least $12 million.

“Ryan O’Neal is quietly trying to unload his Warhol portrait of his ex, Farrah Fawcett. Initially, he wanted $20 million, but it’s now marked down to $18 million,” the Page Six source explained.

Hey… if we had $18 million we’d have to strongly consider!