‘Love, Simon’ Is Coming To The Disney Channel

Love, Simon, is coming to television! The 2018 gay romantic comedy will be a series for Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+, according to reports.

Disney acquired the rights to the original novel Simon vs. the Homosapien Agenda during its takeover of 21st Century Fox. And even better, the movie’s original director, Greg Berlanti, will executive produce!

There aren’t many details about the show, and it’s not known whether the original actors will return. There is also no date for production or release.

The film, in case you don’t know, follows a high school kid who gets outed for being gay and subsequently forms an email relationship with another unidentified student who is revealed to be a classmate he knew all along (revealed in a very movie-like way at the end).

But the film received criticism due to it being, well, quite limiting to the LGBT experience and rather white-washed. Regardless, audiences are anticipating a light shift in tone for the TV series.

Let’s hope it’s a good shift.