Alyssa Milano Says She’s Motivated By Her Critics

Alyssa Milano has never been one to back down, and she’s not stopping now.

Recently, the actress and activist spoke about why she was motivated by folks who thought she’d end up as another failed Hollywood statistic, following her successful stint as a child actor on Who’s The Boss?

“When I was on ‘Who’s The Boss?,’ people told me, ‘You should save your money,’ because once I got off the show I probably would not have a career,” she told the crowd at the Safe Horizon’s Champion Awards this week.

Alyssa, who was honored with the Voice of Empowerment award, continued: “It did motivate me. I think that negative criticism can always be a good impetus to keep going . . . It helped me to not give up.”

Of course, Alyssa later starred in the hit show Charmed for almost a decade. Now she’s using her voice to bring awareness to issues impacting marginalized communities.

You go girl!