This Just In: Lori Loughlin Still Doesn’t Get How Deep In Trouble She Is

Lori Loughlin’s laid back response to her alleged involvement in the college admissions cheating scandal hasn’t gone unnoticed. Now she’s getting the magnitude of what she’s done, but some think it’s not enough.

“It’s just taking some time for it to sink in that what she was allegedly doing could be considered illegal,” a source told People magazine. “To her, it wasn’t egregious behavior. Was it entitled and perhaps selfish? Perhaps. But she didn’t see it as being a legal violation.”

“From the beginning, she didn’t want to take a deal, because she felt that she hadn’t done anything that any mom wouldn’t have done, if they had the means to do so,” the source continued. “So this wasn’t her being obstinate; this was her truly not understanding the seriousness of the allegations.”

Lori and her husband J. Mossimo Giannulli were accused of such alleged crimes as falsifying SAT scores and lying about the athletic skills of their children in order for them to get into USC.

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