Oprah Says Women Will Save The World. We Agree!

Oprah was the keynote speaker at the 10th annual Women in the World Summit this week, and she didn’t hold back on her inspiring words!

“Save yourself,” she said. “And then offer what you know to save your family, and then your community, and then your world.”

But that’s not all. The legendary TV host went on: “It is your job to make yourself whole. Not perfect, but whole and full. Your world work in life — your real work — is to fill yourself till your cup runneth over so that you’re never grasping and needy, clamoring and insecure, but if you can live your life assured in your worthiness and your right to be here and to become the best version of yourself as a woman being.”

After all, according to Oprah, women have been saving the world since the beginning — and they will continue to.

“We women people, we are used to saving other folks,” she said. “We’ve been doing it a very long time and we need to first and foremost honor the sacred time of saving ourselves because that is where our greatest power lies … and when we fulfill the task of actually making ourselves whole, we’re set up to fully express what we know to now negotiate, differentiate, placate, facilitate, demonstrate, delegate, and on a really good day, it helps us carve our 20 minutes to meditate.”