Rudy Giuliani’s Ex Wife Says He Spent Nearly $1M On Mistresses & Traveling

The day after Rudy Giuliani alleged during divorce proceedings that he’s broke and unable to afford spousal support, his estranged wife Judith is coming out to say he spent a sh*t ton of money on mistresses and traveling. 

Judith claimed on Wednesday that he spent nearly $900,000 since April, when she filed for divorce after 15 years of marriage. Her attorney alleged Rudy paid $286,532 to support his alleged mistress, Maria Rosa Ryan; $447,938 “for his own enjoyment”; and $165,165 for travel expenses. 

“Mr. Giuliani claims financial trouble, financial trouble that existed only post-commencement [of the divorce proceeding], according to his statements,” Judith’s attorney told the judge in court, according to Page Six. “His actions and his finances and his expenses don’t comport with the claim of his income diminishment.”


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