Rudy Giuliani’s Ex Is Writing a Juicy Tell-All About Him

When you f*ck with a woman on a mission, you’re going down in flames. That’s what’s going to happen when Rudy Giuliani’s soon-to-be-ex-wife Judith Nathan Giuliani finishes writing a juicy tell-all that’s apparently going to be an explosive expose on his inner circle of friends and his career. 

“This isn’t going to be a salacious ‘In bed with Rudy’-type book, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t picking up the poison pen,” a source told Page Six. “Judith’s book will talk about how ‘America’s Mayor’ and his powerful friends operate, the secret deals and secret handshakes, what it is like being on the inside with Manhattan and DC’s power brokers. There is also much to discuss about Rudy’s relationship with President Trump, and how Rudy struggled after his own political ambitions to be president failed.”

Judith is in talks with three publishing houses about the book, which promises to blow the top on secret info about President Trump. She has hired powerhouse Manhattan divorce lawyer Bernard Clair, and will likely use the info in the book as a tool to get a larger settlement. 

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