‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Opens Up About Once Attempting Suicide

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown is opening up on Instagram about his struggle with depression and once attempting suicide 12 years ago.

“Today in 2006 I was sitting on my couch alone, attempting to commit suicide. In my mind life was over for me,” he wrote on Instagram. “I got mental health support & worked each day to believe again. And here I am happy & healthy. I made it and If you’re going through something you can make it too!”

He followed up with a video thanking fans for support and love: “I was in a very dark place, I just felt like life could not get any better. Everything that was happening to me was never going to change and I tried to take my own life,” he said. “I want you all to know that as you see me on ‘Queer Eye’ helping people with their mental health and you see me on my social media helping people it’s because it’s important to me, not just because I’m trained in this field but because I know so many of us suffer from mental health issues.”