Check Out This Rare Footage Of RuPaul In The 1980s!

RuPaul took part in honoring Susanne Bartsch, a 1980s party icon and LGBTQ activist, in a new documentary called Susanne Bartsch: On Top. In it, we see super rare footage of the drag legend hardly seen in public before.

“All the kids my age who moved to New York, we all wanted to experience Andy Warhol,” he said in a clip. “So from near and far people would come, change their names and want to become a Warhol star.”

When Andy died in 1987, the event brought a new era of artists, including Susanne. “Most of the Warhol scene was gone,” RuPaul says. “Susanne Bartsch picked up where Warhol left off.”

Susanne Bartsch: On Top opens in Los Angeles on Sept. 7 with a VOD release on iTunes and all major platforms on Sept. 11.