Ben Affleck’s Friends Weigh In On His Alcoholism

Ben Affleck is in rehab, and according to friends his alcohol abuse is reaching an all-time low. Last week, Jennifer Garner apparently staged an intervention and took him to a facility soon after.

According to Page Six, Ben has been in a bad place since breaking up with ex Lindsay Shocks. One insider said, “Ben’s issues with substance abuse seem to reach a destructive phase when he’s not working. His addiction doesn’t seem as powerful when he is working.”

His friends added, “Ben has a substance abuse problem with alcohol, which has been on and off for a very long time; he’s been battling these demons for years,” saying that “He’s currently in rehab, and it’s likely he’ll be in and out of treatment more times in the future. But the good news is that this doesn’t affect his work. He’s an Oscar-winning director, he’s well liked in Hollywood, and there’s a lot of sympathy for him — he’s still working, people want to work with him.”

Another friend said, “Ben has never been afraid to ask for help, which shows growth from past years. He’s working to better himself and hopefully this was the wake-up call he needed. He goes to meetings every day. He’s never not out of a rehab. He is suffering, and thankfully he’s not afraid to ask for help. Rehab is a good thing.”