Obama And Bush Were Asked to Speak At John McCain’s Funeral, Not Trump

New of John McCain’s death hit the state of Arizona hard. And now, according to John’s official website, he “will be laid to rest at the U.S. Naval Academy Cemetery in Annapolis, Maryland.”

According to The New York Times, Donald Trump is not expected to attend. Trump has publicly disparaged John’s name numerous times. Instead, Barack Obama and George W. Bush were asked to speak at the funeral. Two unnamed Republicans familiar with the funeral plans indicated Obama and Bush have already been requested to offer eulogies.

A full dress funeral service will reportedly take place at the Washington National Cathedral before the burial.

In 2017, John himself said that he wanted a service at the Naval Academy. “I want, when I leave, that the ceremony is at the Naval Academy,” he shared with 60 Minutes. “And we just have a couple of people that stand up and say, ‘This guy, he served his country.’”

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