Hill Harper Declares Everyone Can Talk to God If They Open Up To Her

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CSI: NY’s Hill Harper is starring in a new film called An Interview With God, opening nationwide for three nights only (August 20 to 22). On the promotional tour for the film, the actor tells audiences that they, too, can speak with God.

In the film, Hill plays Gary, a boss who encourages an employee to explore his lead with God for a story he believes can make the front page of their paper. Very Touched By An Angel! Don’t you miss that show?

“I think that we’re in a time and place in the world where we really have to think about our relationship to God because there are a lot of challenging things meeting us here on Earth,” he said in an interview with The Christian Post this week. “I think many of us want to find different pathways and I think using the pathway of entertainment to introduce these types of conversations is one of the most effective ways.”

He added, “If you take the time to pray, take the time to have a conversation with God, God will answer and you will find the answers. Different people receive different answers in different ways.” However, he warns, “I will caution that oftentimes our head, ego, and fear get in the way, and we’ll start interpreting something that really isn’t a sign from God. I think that we’re seeing that [interpretation] a lot in the world, people are justifying negative acts, saying, ‘This is clearly what I was told to do or God wants this, this way.’”

Well we’re churched out! Read more at The Christian Post.