Harvey Weinstein Because Someone Wrote ‘I Love You,’ He’s Innocent

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Harvey Weinsten tried to convince a judge he’s innocent by saying prosecutors hid the fact that he had a long-term relationship with one of his accusers. He even showed evidence in an email where one woman wrote, “I love you, always do. But I hate feeling like a booty call. :)”

The email is one of dozens that Weinstein says contain “exculpatory evidence” the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office withheld from the grand jury that indicted him on charges that could send him to prison for life, Page Six reports.

A little more than a month after the alleged sex attack, one woman allegedly told Harvey: “Text or call me on saturday, ill be done around 9pm i believe earliest. We can work something out from there?” Additionally, two emails show her saying, “Hopefully I can run into you today!” and “I could take off for a lunch if y have a time or see u at 10.”

Less than a week later, she wrote, “I can take a lunch if u have time?” and the next day followed up with, “Depending on when I finish, I could swing by soho on my way home?,” court papers say.

Harvey’s lawyers say that the two exchanged about 400 emails during the “weeks and years after the alleged rape.”

“This flawed presentation, we submit, knowingly allowed the Grand Jury to receive a materially incomplete picture of the evidence known to exist in this case, namely the long-term, consensual, intimate relationship between CW-1 (the alleged victim) and Mr. Weinstein,” defense lawyers wrote.