George Michael Left His Boyfriend Out Of The Will, & Now He’s Pissed

George Michael’s boyfriend Fadi Fawaz was left out of the rock star legend’s will, and he is not happy about it. Fadi recently tweeted, “George I hate you” in response. Apparently, George left nothing to Fadi in the will. Nothing!

George’s cousin Andros Georgiou revealed last week George had left his cash to charities, his sisters and staff. Former boyfriend Kenny Goss also missing out. Most of the multi-million fortune will go to charities and his sisters Yioda, 58, and Melanie, 56. Andros added, “People who worked for George and were loyal to him will be getting small amounts.”

Soon after his first tweet, Fadi appeared to repeat claims that George had killed himself. A post read: “How can I be disappointed with someone ended their own life. If anyone can do that to themself (sic), they can do worse things to others.” Fadi would later claim, “it took five attempts.”

Fadi posted another cryptic post: “Your power proved to me you could make a Town not react to loud noise at odd hours,” adding, “Your power proved to me you could turn friends, family and strangers into liars, cowards and very much inhuman and yet this mega power can’t make or keep someone KIND or LOVING. And I cannot wait to prove that to you. With all my hate.”

Fadi, who found George’s body, has not permanently moved out of their $6,500,515 pad.

Andros said, “Fadi is threatening to go all the way to High Court but I think the estate will have to settle with him. He’s been offered $650,050 and I think the estate should pay a couple of million to get rid of him.”