Meredith Vieira Says ‘60 Minutes’ Was Full Of Sexism

Meredith Vieira has come out amidst sexual misconduct allegations against CBS Corp. CEO Leslie Moonves, thanks to a New Yorker investigation by Ronan Farrow.

Meredith, whose time at CBS was before Leslie took over, said during the Television Critics Association, “I think there was sexism for sure. I never was harassed, per se. But it was difficult during the time that I was, particularly at that show, to navigate your way as a woman who wasn’t following the party line. But I certainly never experienced anything bordering on harassment anywhere I’ve been. Maybe they’re scared of me.”

The beloved host was fired in 1991 from CBS as a part-time correspondent.

The New Yorker piece identified former CBS News chairman and current 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager as allowing a culture of sexual harassment to flourish within the news division. Fager was a producer on “60 Minutes” from 1990 to 1994, overlapping with Vieira.

H/T: Page Six.