Jonathan Rhys Meyers Compliments Wife After Domestic Abuse Incident

After a dispute while traveling on a plan together last month, Johnathan Rhys Meyers has nothing but good things to say about his wife.

“Oh, my wife is a superior woman. She’s incredible,” he told People magazine. “Yeah, incredible. I couldn’t be luckier.” Last month, he was detailed at an airport due to he and his wife, Lane, engaging in a domestic dispute.

She addressed the fight on Instagram, saying that he’s receiving holistic treatment for anger issues.

“8 months of sobriety and an unfortunate day of airline travel. We were in South America specifically working holistically through anger issues that result in these kinds of episodes,” she wrote. “When in it… he is not in a frame of mind where he can really even comprehend the repercussions and necessary response to his own actions.”

She added, “Most of the time I handle it pretty well. But, every so often you make a stupid mistake. But living life in the public eye is very different. Remember, I’ve been an actor for 25 years and the whole world has changed enormously since I’ve started becoming an actor. It’s very, very difficult to be left alone.”


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