Jeanine Pirro Tries To Reach a Truce With Whoopi Goldberg

Jeanine Pirro and Whoopi Goldberg clashed hardcore last week during her appearance on The View — so much so that she apparently left the building screaming profanities. Now, the Trump soldier is trying to reach a truce with the EGOT legend.

“I’ve known Whoopi Goldberg for years and our relationship, until this week, has always been friendly,” she said on her show on FOX News. “I’ve been a guest on ‘The View’ many times before, and was always treated with respect.”

She added, “Whoopi, I accept that you and I have different views on what happened both on and off the air. We have completely different takes on President Trump and the job he’s doing. So let’s agree to disagree and put this episode to bed, once and for all.”

Whoopi had her own statement about what happened: