Princess Di’s Gorgeous Niece Is All About The Family Spotlight

Lady Kitty Spencer is all about stepping into the family Spencer’s spotlight. During Meghan and Harry’s wedding, she stole attention by her striking resemblance to her legendary aunt — and she was not holding it back.

“Sometimes I feel like my family should be on The Jerry Springer Show,” she said in 2008 to Hello! Magazine. “From the outside, the structure looks so dysfunctional. However, every single member of my family is part of my happiness.”

A couple years ago, she said to Vanity Fair: “I was so young [when Diana was alive]. There are only a few memories, but special memories and happy memories, and I’m so lucky to have those.” She added, “The media attention gives you the platform to speak about the things that are important to you.”

Now, Kitty is bringing her good looks to good use. She opened the Dolce & Gabbana’s Lake Como fashion show earlier this month. And HELLO!

H/T: Page Six.