Carrie Fisher’s Brother Reveals The Last Conversation He Had With Her

Todd Fisher has held the torch high in memory of his sister, Carrie Fisher, and his mother, Debbie Reynolds — both who died a day a part. Todd recently revealed to Fox News the last conversation he remembers having with Carrie, at their mom’s birthday.

“We were talking about traveling together and doing other things, and she was still a little angry at me because, A, the party I had to sort of force down her throat, but my mom wanted it, and B, there was always different tension between the family of mom, particularly myself, and Carrie, as it related to her drug use at the time,” he said.

“… But when Carrie and I got face-to-face, there was no way to have any of that. It just melted away, because the blood, the relationship between brother and sister, the bond, is so deep… She broke down and said ‘… We have to be OK with each other. It’s the foundation.’”

Todd wrote a memoir called My Girls, which he says helped him cope with their deaths. “… Losing a mother and a sister so close together, it’s devastating,” he explained. “I think what was even more heartbreaking was the effect that it had on my niece. Watching the side effects of it are also very difficult… [But] looking at my mother in particular, she would be furious if you were to go into depression and just become a recluse. She would want you to step out of it.”

He added, “Now of course, everybody needs to deal with it,” added Fisher. “I’m a Christian. I happen to believe that we’ll all meet again… My mother was a Christian. She believed that. Carrie believed it. We’ll all meet again… Also, [Carrie] visits me in my dreams, and I appreciate that, too… It was very cathartic, writing the book. It was heartbreaking… But I had to do it. Without Carrie there to write all the family stories, I’m the last man standing. If something happened to me, those stories would be lost.”


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