Mark Zuckerberg Said To Congress He Really Did Create A Website to Rank Women

Mark Zuckerberg just testified before members of Congress, who cried him about privacy, data, and the recent scandal involving Cambridge Analytica.

Representative Billy Long asked about Facemash, one of the websites Zuckerberg made during his time at Harvard, which was used to rate the hotness of women on campus.

Marc replied, “No, Congressman. Facemash was a prank website that I launched in college, in my dorm room, before I started Facebook. There was a movie about this, or it said it was about this, it was of unclear truth. The claim that Facemash was somehow connected to the development of Facebook, it isn’t, it wasn’t… It actually has nothing to do with Facebook.”

Then, Billy said: “You put up pictures of two women and decided which one was more attractive of the two, is that right?”

Mark got more annoyed and said, “Congressman, that is an accurate description of the prank website I made when I was a sophomore.”