Todrick Hall Is Fighting Against HIV Stigma In New Campaign ‘Positively Fearless’

YouTube superstar Todrick Hall, whose new documentary Behind The Curtain: Todrick Hall is now available to stream on digital platforms, is teaming up with the campaign Positively Fearless to help combat HIV stigma.

Todrick, who is HIV-negative but has dated poz people in his life, says it’s campaigns like this that help eradicate preconceived notions about the virus. offers visitors a slew of information, catered specifically to gay and bisexual African-American and Latino men, including fact sheets, tips, and resources about HIV medication resistance and other frequently asked questions pertaining to HIV. For Hall, it’s a resource he wished he had growing up.

“There’s a thing that [still] makes me nervous to go to the doctor,” he says of getting tested. “But after I go there, I feel great about it, and I feel awesome just knowing what my status is and knowing that I can go out and be honest with the people who I’m meeting and forming relationships with.”

“I have dated a few people that were poz and I was so afraid,” he reflects. “It was like a huge issue in my relationships and I had to go out and try to seek out all these pamphlets and stuff. But I felt like I was getting little scraps of information that I could kind of piece together and paper-mache some type of solution to my problem. But when I went to it [had] all of the information that I needed to know… I felt like all of the statistics spoke to me, and helped me have information that I wasn’t able to easily find whenever I was looking for myself.”

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