Sean Avery’s Mother In Law Once Filed A Restraining Order Against Him

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Rangers player Sean Avery was hit with a restraining order from a legal dispute with his mother-in-law, Marianne Rhoda.

According to Page Six, the restraining order (expiring this month) was for a whole year. And it says that Sean “committed the family offense of harassment in the second degree.” He was also ordered at the time to “surrender any and all handguns, pistols . . . shotguns and any other firearms” to police.

Marianne’s lawyer said to Page Six, “During a course of time in the summer of 2016, [Avery and Rhoda] were living in the same area in the Hamptons and he was harassing her. They were running into each other, belonged to the same gym, and he’d issue profanities at her and make obscene gestures. He was driving in his car too close to her and scaring her.”

Sean’s wife, Hilary Rhoda, sued her mom Marianne a couple years ago for allegedly stealing six figures from her as her manager.