Al Franken’s Accuser Wants Him To Stay In The Senate

The woman who spoke out this week accusing Al Franken of kissing and dropping her in 2006 without her consent says she does not want him to be driven out of the Senate.

“I didn’t do this to have him step down. I think Al Franken does a lot of good things in the Senate,” Leeann Tweeden said to Good Morning America. “You know, I think that’s for the people of Minnesota to decide. I’m not calling for him to step down. That was never my intention… I just wanted him to understand what he did was wrong and how he treated me and how abusers do that under the guise that it’s funny, or that ‘Oh, I can get away with it because I’m a comedian,’ That’s never funny. When you shine a light on it, that’s the culture of it — that’s the chance we need to make.”